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Digital Transformation – EMBA – Nov 2017

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Dr. Toa Charm and Prof. Andrew Chan spoke on Digital Transformation, Disruptive Technology and Blue Ocean at EMBA – CUHK

I have done a sharing session on digital disruption to the eMBA class of Chinese University of Hong Kong CUHK. I was impressed by the students in terms of their proactiveness on asking high quality questions. They have shown their eagnerness to learn a must-have knowlege for their profession in the Digital Economy i.e. Digital Leadership. My answer to them is that they have to learn and lead digital transformation rather than just the IT guys. There is no excuse for business leaders to offload this to IT guys. If they do, they will be disrupted or even eliminated no matter how good they are now, what position they are at, and what professional and academic qualifications they have. I have given them two questions to think of in terms of digital transformation using AI. Will walk through their answers in my next gathering with them. If you are interested to try out these questions and get my feedback, please contact me.


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