Birthday 2022

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Enjoyed the physical nature and breathed the fresh air in my birthday celebration after 2 years of close door birthdays due to the pandemic. Missed that a lot. Really grateful to be able to do it this year healthy.

Just would like to share the joy with you all. I ate a lot of both eastern and western tasty food with my beloved, friends and family members in the last few days. Thanks to their and your caring for me in the last n years of my life. Will have my favorite steak and red wine tonight on my real birthday. Hmm yummies😋. Then, I need a lot of exercises and diet afterwards😅.

One year older and hopefully one year wiser in the sense of what matter and who to treasure the most in my career and personal lives. Hope to catch up with you f2f soon no matter which cities worldwide you are in.

Wish you can enjoy your birthday as well in the physical beauty and nature with your beloved and friends. Cheers!

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