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The 10th Episode of Cyberport FinTech Series

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The 10th Episode of Cyberport FinTech Series on Metro Finance Radio Channel features INSURTECH – the next hottest thing in FinTech. I have invited Raymond Tam from Hong Kong Insurance Authority HKIA and Fred Ngan from uprising InsurTech start-up Seasonalife (Cyberport incubatee) to share their views.

Listen to this episode here:

Part 1

Part 2

At Christmas time, I would like to thank all friends who joined my FinTech show on MetroFinance in the past few months. Their experiences and sharings were inspirational to all stakeholders in Hong Kong FinTech Ecosystem. Special thanks to Stephen 蔡展輝 of Metro Finance and my Cyberport team for their great effort to make this show possible and fruitful.

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During the Christmas holiday, you can review all episodes hereㄧBQ5D

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