“Make Something WOW” was the message on the wall behind Michael Yung and I. That was close to what we have talked about. How to make our customers #WOW by smart use of #data?

This was another episode of the #ToaSirDataTalk #ToaSir講數 series organized by #OpenCertHub #OCH. Michael is an veteran in the #TravelTech and #CustomerLoyalty industry. We discussed how to leverage on data in the #B2C and #B2B markets.

Michael has been using data to empower his company to understand their consumers and offer the most suitable products and services to them. Another key customer of this industry is merchants. Michael also makes use of data to help his merchants to design right products and campaigns to their customers. We also talked about the key roles of data in a #platform.

We have discussed how data are being used in the Travel and Customer Loyalty industry. Michael is also an expert in data security. He also shared how to do a proper data governance to protect their customers and his company. We also touched on the challenges and opportunities on cross-border data sharing and #cloud strategies on #BigData and #AI applications. Thank you Michael.

Stay tuned for #ToaSirDataTalk #ToaSir講數. Will share the way to access this series of mine shortly. You don’t want to miss the experience sharing from Michael and other corporate and digital leaders from key industries in #HongKong, Mainland #China Iin particular #GBA and #ASEAN.

Prior episodes of the series:
Susanna Chiu, ED, #Bonjour

#PropertyManagement & #SpaceManagement are two important areas that technologies can add lots of value. That was the main theme for #B4B Challenge this year. Startups from mainland China and Hong Kong in the #PropTech areas joined this competition. They showcased how to make use of #BigData to solve pain points in the property management industry. The final pitching day was done this week with a hybrid environment where startups did their pitching physically in both #Beijing and #HongKong.

Impressive innovations based on video analytics for shopping mall, location-based technologies for selection of shop location, IOTs for residential and commercial complex management, smart energy savings, robotics applications, and many others. I am so grateful to be one of the judges for this award and the Chief Mentor of B4B Challenge.

Congratulations to all finalists and winners of this year’s #B4BChallenge. Thanks the participation of all the speakers and leaders from property industries and associations in the mainland and Hong Kong. Herbert Chia #車品覺 shared his view and his new book “Data Reinvention”. Also thank B4B leader Francois Lee and his team to make this happened.

For more information about B4B Challenge, please visit the official website.

The 3rd Annual Digital Transformation Award called #鼎革奖 #Dingge is open for application. It is organized by #HarvardBusinessReview #HBR#TsinghuaUniversity #清华大学 Institute for Global Industry #IGI, and #SAP.

For the first 2 years, the Award only accepted applications from mainland #China. Great companies from different industries joined and shared their #DigitalTransformation experience.

The good news is that it will accept applications from #HongKong and #Taiwan this year. For Hong Kong companies, it is a good platform to learn more about how Chinese and multinational companies have been doing digital transformation in the mainland. It is also a great opportunity to build the brands and networks of the participating HK companies in the mainland market.

I am so gratitude and honoured that I will be representing Hong Kong to be one of the judges for this award. I encourage more Hong Kong companies to apply for this award to share our experience and learn more from others.

Please find out more and apply for this award on or before Aug 31, 2021. See you there.

#ASEAN is the #NextBigThing for startups from #HongKong#GreaterBayArea #GBA as well as #mainland #startups. ASEAN has close to 650 million people with growing number of middle class and millennials.

On one hand, the local startup ecosystems in ASEAN countries are heating up with rapidly-rising middle class, great government initiatives for tech startups, #VC and #CVC investors’ appetite on tech, certainly innovative #entrepreneurs and more. #GoJek and #Tokopedia from #Indonesia#Lazada and #Razor from #Singapore#Grab from #Malaysia #Singapore#VNG from #Vietnam, just name a few. On the other hand, it has huge opportunities for startups from HK, GBA and mainland startups.

Join me to explore with entrepreneurs who have been working on their ventures in 5 major ASEAN countries including #Singapore #Malaysia #Indonesia #Thailand #Vietnam. Thanks for #HKPC Hong Kong Productivity Council to organize the forum.

Find out more and enroll here:

Chia Hock Lai Robin Leong (CIM UK) Winnie Lee Wing Yan Dr. David Ma JOSEPH LEE, CFA ALEX Chan Jack Lim Paranee Damodaran Marius Chow Karen F. Dato’ Vimmy Yap Gopi Ganesalingam Chinawut Chinaprayoon Ridha W. See Toh Kean Yaw VS Ravi Medhy Souidi Vijay Sharma

The Annual Knowledge of Design Week #KODW will be live next week (Aug 26 to Aug 29). The annual event has been one of the best conferences in Hong Kong to learn #innovation and #design from experts worldwide. The theme this year is #DesigningDigitalFutures.

As a digital advocate, I am really glad to see more cross-over collaboration between the digital world and the design world. Here it is. Thanks Dr. Edmund Lee and his team at #HKDC #HongKongDesignCentre to organize such a great knowledge exchange week. You can find out more here.

Romeo Durscher, Senior Director of Public Safety Integration at #DJI, will have a talk on the topic “AI and Drones on the Frontline: Can Big Data Save Us?”

Then, I will have a fireside chat with Romeo around his theme as well as the innovations and applications of #AI #BigData #Drone during and post Covid-19. Find out more here.

How will US-China Tech Decoupling impact #MNCs and TECH #startups in #HongKong & #MainlandChina#AMCHAM has organized a panel discussion today on this hot topic. Alex Capri #HinrichFoundation Dan Wang #GavekaiDragonomics and I were the panel speakers. Thanks for Margaret Loo David Chao AMCHAM.

We talked about the impact on global supply chain, feasibility of the #TechDecoupling#semiconductor & #AI competitions, Chinese talents in the US, university collaboration, offshoring tech..

I have shared my views on how our HK startups can deal with this challenge. What did we learn from the 9 HK #unicorns?
1. Accelerate our biz to ASEAN & mainland China particularly the Greater Bay, not just HK
2. Set up an international team with leaders & staff in foreign countries
3. Look for partnership & investment from the companies in the just-born Hang Seng Internet and Information Technology Index #HSIII
4. Focus more on business model innovation as we have the market scale with lots of pain points
5. Speed up #DeepTech R&D with universities in HK and funding from the mainland

It is challenging time for our startups for sure. #Cyberport#HKSTP & many ecosystem stakeholders are offering programs and fundings to our startups to overcome this challenging time. We shall overcome.

Hong Kong Startup 2.0 – Building Hong Kong to be a Global Innovation Hub

“Hong Kong has entered Startup 2.0.  In Startup 1.0, we focused on quantity. Four years ago, we did not have a large number of startups but now we do.  In Startup 2.0, we aim at quality. Our goal is to cultivate high-quality startups, bridge them with large and small enterprises for a win-win collaboration, and get adequate funding or ‘Smart Money’ for the startups to scale up in terms of technologies and market coverage, ” says Prof. Charm