After a busy month of October with back-to-back offline events, classes and meetings, I finally had some fun. Joined a group of friends from #HKCSHong Kong Computer Society on my favorite sport – #basketball. Thanks to Dr. Louis C.K. MaPatrick Lam, and many others to initiate and organize this, and bring us all together.

Perfect weather to do some outdoor exercises. Well, after 3 years rest due to the Covid, I am so rusty and fragile. So, it was just a warmup taster for me but not serious games yet. Will gradually play more basketball with old and new friends. Just love basketball since I was 14 years old.. My idol Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry.

Join us next time. Do some outdoor exercise in the weekend. Enjoy.

Grateful to join the 2nd influential GBA forums in the same week. This one today was organized by Hong Kong Economic Journal HKEJ 信報. We had our HKSAR Government Chief Executive, John Lee, this time. He shared his GBA strategy for Hong Kong with us. I will be participating in a few more GBA forums in the next couple of weeks. Learn more every day. Stay tuned. Pleased to be a guest speaker in a panel today to talk about the impact of innovation and technology on the GBA growth for Hong Kong companies. Learned a lot from my fellow panel speakers like Dr. Rocky Cheng #HKCSPeter Mok #HKSTP and Ir. Dave Chan #ATAL. Appreciate 信報財經新聞總編輯 #郭艷明 #HKEJ Chief Editor Alice Kwok and her teammates to organize such a great forum for experience sharing. Also, thank 林伽遙 Caca Lam for moderating the panel. #GBA #GreaterBayArea

To help the contestants better prepare for the #HKICTAwards FinTech Award, Hong Kong Institute of Bankers organized an  Experience Sharing Forum for them today. Thanks for #HKIB Carrie Leung Philip Kam & team’s effort.

We invited last year’s Gold Award winners, Miles Wen (温豪夫) #FanoLabsKen Shih #Aqumon, & Joyce Lau #HKFI. to share their experiences and journey. We also invited Dupty Chief Judges Michael Leung #BOA and Stephen Lau #HKCS, & Chief Assessors Dominic Siu #Prudential & Betty Chung #DahSingBank, to give advice to the contestants.

As the Chief Judge of 2021, I gave an opening speech on “Shaping the Future of FinTech Hong Kong”. In the last few years, we have together built a world class #FinTech hub in Hong Kong. FinTech entrepreneurs from nobody to today’s global FinTech leaders, like Simon Loong #WeLabFred Ngan #BowtieTomas Holub #CovergoTim Lee #QFPayAlvin Kwock #OneDegree & Miles Wen (温豪夫) #FanoLabs. Impressive! #HKMA#SFC #HKIA #InvestHK #Cyberport #HKSTP together with incumbents #Citi #HSBC #HangSengBank #DBS #AMTD #BOCHK #AIA #Prudential, just name a few, also contributed significantly to the growth of HK FinTech industry.

Look forward to witnessing the innovations from this year’s contestants to shape the future of FinTech HK.

Congratulations toGS1 Hong Kong for its 30th Anniversary. Thanks for GS1HK CEO Anna Lin‘s leadership and the great effort from her core teammates Dr. Stephen Lam Mignone Cheng Corinna Fung KK Suen and many others over the years. We have seen healthy and impressive growth of the organization and how it contributed to Hong Kong especially in Retail, SupplyChain, IoT BigData Mobility 5G industries. Thank you.

It has been a pleasant journey collaborating and partnering with GS1 HK in my different capacities in the last decade including Cyberport OpenCertHub CUHK HKCS HKICTAward IOTConference and various Advisory Committees of GS1 HK. I look forward to having more collaboration with GS1 HK and contributing more to Hong Kong together with Anna and her teammates in the next decade.

Anna, Thanks for inviting me to the celebration party tonight. It was fun and successful with all music, songs, wines. More importantly, reconnecting with old friends and making lots of new friends. Cheers. David Chung Charles Mok Mann WM Yim Teddy Liu Suki Cheung Allen Yeung Betty Leung many others.