What car should I buy next? Is that your question too? That was my first question to ask Frederik Gollob, an veteran in automobile industry, in one of the panels in the annual global #BODW conference organized by #HKDC Hong Kong Design Centre 香港設計中心#GlobalDesignReset is the main theme of BODW this year. Find out more https://2021.bodw.com/en.

Fredrick and I had a very trendy and interesting fireside chat on the crossover of #Design and #Digital. Our topic was “Navigating a New World Order of Electric Vehicles”. Innovative design of the interior and exterior of the new #EV cars, digital empowerment on the car making it not just smart but also connected everything around to create unprecedented experience for our living and working in the city.

We also talked about other interesting topics like the trend of EV. The Empire like #BMW#Mercedes, is striking back. Traditional leaders will provide more choices and different EV models are expected from all major brands. #Tesla is not their only competitor. Several emerging EV brands #Li#Nio#XPeng from China are doing well with great design and digital features. They are also growing aggressively to the global markets. We will see more competitions ahead.

Another good one is that, “Will rich people buy EVs as they need prestigious image and have peer group pressure?”. An analog is that I am wearing a smart watch because of it’s cool, for health and friends community. I am not chasing after Rolex watch. Frederick said that it is getting there as EV car makers are launching high end luxurious cars. Really learnt a lot about #cars and #electrification from Fredrick. Thank you.

Appreciate Eric YimEdmund Lee, Dr. Joseph F WongJillian Lee and their great #HKDC teammates to organize such an insightful conference. Thank you for having me as a part of it.

#InsurTech is getting great momentum in Hong Kong. #Bowtie #Blue #OneDegree #CoverGo #Coherent #Weinsurance #ZongAn & a few more have been pioneering it & performing well. At the same time, incumbents gradually ramping up their innovation  like #Aviva #AXA #Prudential #SunLife #Zurich

I had a fruitful discussion with Fred Ngan #Bowtie in the #BODW2020 a few weeks ago. Today, I had another chance to talk to a group of experts in the InsurTech industry including Isabel Feliciano-Wendleken Lapman Lee  Syed Musheer Ahmed in the 2020 #NEXX FinTech at #Cyberport.

My key takeaways:
1. InsurTech startups need to find the right sponsor in the incumbents which are aligned on KPIs

2. Like #OpenBanking#OpenInsurance is needed for better customer experience & collaboration with the ecosystem

3. Build digital insurance from scratch so that the end products are simplier in nature & easier for designing better customer centric solutions

4. #B2B gains good momentum while #B2C can learn from #VirtualBanks.

Apart from InsurTech, the Conference had panels on #VirtualBanking#Payments & other hot FinTech topics. Glad to see good friends Ernest Leung from #WeLabMedhy Souidi from #DBS & FinTech guru Emil Chan & others.

Appreciate Mann WM Yim & Ivy Chan for organizing the conference.

#TECH * #DESIGN Crossover was the main theme of the panel that I moderated for the #BODW 2020. My honour having experienced serial entrepreneurs Jason Chiu and Fred Ngan together with design expert Amy Ip joined my panel today at the #ViuTV Studio in Hong Kong.

My key takeaway to get the best out of Design and Tech to create values for customers was that we need to build and cultivate a team with a diversity of background like Design, Tech, professionals, domain or subject matter experts, and more.

Most importantly, how to make them work together even under lots of challenges and differences. One of the best ways to do that is to leverage on customers as the focal point to validate different ideas and do it as often as we need. That can bring teammates with different views to align and co-create values for the sake of customers.

Well done, team. We all learned a lot from each other tonight.

Appreciate 香港設計中心 Eric Yim Edmund Lee and their teammates to lead and organize such an impressive international conferences with many renowned local and overseas speakers. Not easy for such under the Covid-19. Thank you.