No one enjoyed queuing before the Covid19 but I felt great to be physically on a long queue to get into the #GS1 Hong Kong Summit today at #HKCEC https://lnkd.in/gpE26UJ. Over 1,500 offline & online participants joined the event today. A few inspirations that I would like to share with you.

Ricky Wong has been innovative in his career. He just had another one which is a great news to our #BigData industry – his #OpenDataBank initiative. It opens up the data from his #HKTVMall to the public through #API. External companies can innovate better customer experience by connecting data with his. It also sets a great role model to encourage other companies to open up their data for customers & social good as well. https://lnkd.in/gJy4xsk

Randy Lai #Mcdonald said that engaging not only with external but also internal customers. Her colleagues are young & digital natives. Making use of apps to deliver ongoing training to them is effective. Social connection & being a part of it,, not being an outsider is a great view too.

Thanks Kelvin Leung Anna Lin Mignone Cheng #GS1HK to make the offline show shine again. The good news is that I will physically queue up for the 6th Cloud Forum https://www.cloudforum.hk/ tomorrow in the same venue organized by Catherine Chan #Kornerstone.