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Reengineering Work in the Age of AI

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AI BigData HR HumanResources Competence My panel speakers Teddy Liu from New World Group & Viola Lam from Find Solution AI and I had a very fruitful discussion at the Greater China Talent Management Summit 2019 today Thanks for Dr Fanny Chan EdD 陳筱芬 & her teammates to organize this forum.

Our panel topic today was “Reengineering Work in the Age of AI”. You may download my introductory slides here.

According to a recent hashtagPWC study, only 3% of our jobs will be automated by AI by 2020 but the percenage will go up to 30% by 2030. We talked about the role of HR in the AI Era. HR can certainly leverage on AI to do their key functions much more effectively. More importantly, HR is the trusted partner of their colleagues in this unprecedented AI transformation.

A few key takeaways: 1. Culture & mindset change 2. New AI education 3. Besides IQ & EQ, DQ DataQuotient is a must-have competence 4. Embrace young talents & startups 5. Protect customers & employees right, data privacy & security, AI ethics.

My inspiration on AI is 3A & 3F. 3A is Automation, Augmentation & Amplification. Watch these 4 movies & you will see what I mean 3F i.e. “Fun, Function and Fear”. Replicas MinorityReport ExMaChina ImitationGame

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