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Innovation in Shenzhen

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Innovation GBA AI FinTech IoT I led a delegation ofCMU Carnegie Mellon University’s MBA students (one of the top MBA programs in the US) to visit key cities and enterprises in the Greater Bay Area GBA. It included Tencent and PingAn hashtagPingAnCloud in Shenzhen, CPIP in Dongguan ChangPingInnovationPort, Melco StudioCity in hashtagMacao and UMAC in Hengqin and more.. My heartfelt thank to all the friends and companies that we have visited. Appreciate it. Ricky OU Pierre W. Akiko Takahashi Daniel Zhang and many more..

We all learned a lot on the Innovation in Shenzhen, the SmartManufacturing in Dongguan, the IntegratedResort in Macao. With Hong Kong as the hub of the Greater Bay Area, the synergy among all 9+2 cities are just marvelous. We also experienced the HighSpeedRailWay and HongKongMacaoZhuHaiBridge. Fantastic.. Thanks for CUHK and teammates to bring CMU to come to Hong Kong and made this trip to be a reality. Also appreciate our highly engaged CMU students with great learning attitude. Foreign talents engagement are needed for the growth of GBA in the future.

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