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HSBC innovation summit 2018

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#HSBC #CMB #Cyberport #AI 2018 HSBC Innovation Summit was held today in Hong Kong. Cyberport was proud to join hands with HSBC to organize this programme. We appreciate the team work with Daniel Chan and his team from HSBC. 3 of our top AI entrepreneurs from Cyberport including Bianca Ho from #ClareAI, Viola Lam from #FindSolutionAI and Ivy Li from #WildFaces together with me were participating a panel “Reimagine AI”. Thanks for Andy Ann as our moderator.

Many SMEs joined the Summit. They may worry about AI to replace their jobs soon. Panelists shared many real-life examples that AI can in fact help save cost, improve customer experience and add many great values to their businesses. More importantly, we need to leverage on AI innovations rather than being skeptical about it. AI start-ups can make use of technologies to solve enterprises’ and SMEs’ pain points. As a whole, helping them to transform from old to new economy for sustainable growth in this digital era.

Cyberport has been proactively bridging its start-ups with enterprises and SMEs and believes that is critical for Hong Kong’s sustainable growth. Cyberport together with HSBC will continue to bring innovations to enterprises and SMEs in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific.

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