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HR Innovation Asia 2018

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The HR Innovation Asia 2018 was held successfully in Hong Kong. Full house today demonstrated HR professionals are keen on innovating. It is encouraging to see that technologies are not just serving external customers, e.g. customer satisfaction/experience, but also internal customers, e.g. employer satisfaction/experience as well. Can we achieve both “Customer Segment of One” and “Workforce of One”?

It was my honour to moderate a panel on Innovation for HR with seasoned HR and technology leaders Nikki Davies Akina Ho and Paul Hotchan We had a very good discussion on how to hire, train, keep and measure staff using technologies e.g. Chatbot, Sentiment Analysis, AI Interviewing, workforce optimization, workforce of one, etc. Though all these technologies offer significant values to not just HR but also business lines, all panel speakers agree that face-to-face and culture are still very critical for team success.

It is still too early to say if we can use AI or train a model to predict and optimize well for HR. Many of these experiments are being held. If they succeed, companies with these technologies will outperform those who haven’t started the digital transformation for HR. Where are you now? Cheers.

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