(Hong Kong) FinTech diploma Series in 2021 Started by HKUSPACE

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#FinTech is very critical for Hong Kong as one of the world’s leading financial centres. #HKUSPACE has started a comprehensive FinTech diploma course in 2021 with aim to cultivating more FinTech talents for Hong Kong. It is amazing to see that we have a full range of FinTech training now from PhD, Master’s Bachelor’s to Diploma, Certificate & MOOC from all major universities here. We had none of these 5 years ago.

Calvin Cheng, CFA, the CEO of #Wizpresso Wizpresso, is the key designer and instructor of this course. Calvin invited me as his first guest speaker for the class. I shared about my experience on FinTech, FinTech ecosystem and open innovation. Calvin’s students were very eager to learn and asked quite a few good questions.

Glad to see that young professionals from financial services and non financial services industries have such a drive to learn more about FinTech. The class is on every Friday evening for many weeks. It is not easy obviously. I am so respectful to Calvin and all his students to spend time and effort to learn. Great learning attitude👍🙏. 加油💪👊!

Appreciate Calvin and hkuspace programme leader Ringo Chan for their effort to put together such a practical and timely FinTech programme for Hong Kong. Find out more here

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