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(HK) The Hub X ACMCP StartHub: Dr. Toa Charm joined Judging Panel

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Held by The Hub and ACMCP, The Hub X ACMCP StartHub will be held during March to April in 2016. As a specialist in IT industry, Dr. Toa Charm is one of the members in the judging panel in this competition.

During the whole competition, valuable guidance will be provided by some experienced entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, they also assist in the development and implementation of marketing strategies and proposals, review regularly and provide advice. Several venture capital companies are invited in this competition, such as Jingdong (京东), Sino-US(中美创投) and Chuangkebang (创客邦).  The winner can collaborate with the venture capital companies mentioned above and have an opportunity to obtain financing and manufacture the incubators, which can accelerate the start-up of your business.

In order to ensure the authority, fairness and profession of this competition, a group of professionals are invited to be members of the judging panel, including Dr. Toa Charm.

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