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It was my honour to participate in the 1st time ever CUHK GlobalAlumniForum in CUHKBusinessSchool today.

The forum started with a welcome remarks by Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor & President of CUHK and Kalok Chan Prof. Kalok Chan, Dean of CUHK Business School.

A few hundreds of CUHK Business School students & alumni all over the world joined it today. We explored how business leaders could continue to lead in the increasingly chaotic times across the globe.

Leaders like Cindy Chow from Alibaba, Gilly Wong from HKConsumerCouncil, Daisy Cheng from Futurux (1982 CUHKMBA), Gerardo Salandra from Rocketbots, Yesha Sivan from i8Ventures and many others were there to support the forum. Appreciate CUHK colleagues especially Edmond Siu to organize such a great forum.

I had a sharing session on “The Engine of DigitalEconomyAI and BigData“. My key point was that AI is the fuel for the following SIX pillars of Digital Economy: 1. Digital Leadership 2. Cross Border Competition 3. Winning without Traditional Assets 4. Platform is the King 5. The World of Unicorns 6. Smart Back Office

Lastly, I shared how I approach and study AI through 3A (Automation Augmentation Amplification) and 3F (Fun Function Fear). Welcome to our AI journey.

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