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CUPP 2018

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#FinTech #Cyberport #CUPP #Bootcamp #Entrepreneurship #MetroFinance #MetroRadio I have shared about how university students can leverage on Cyberport to realize their start-up dreams on MetroFinance Radio. You can review the show here

One of the best ways is to join our Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP). It is a FinTech entrepreneurship bootcamp organised by Cyberport and one of the world’s leading universities. Stanford University in Silicon Valley was our partner in the last 3 years. Apart from the bootcamp, a series of FinTech training conducted by FinTech enterpreneurs and financial services leaders will be given to the students before they go to the foreign university. The students also have a chance to win Cyberport Creative Micro Fund to turn their ideas into prototypes and join Cyberport Incubation programme. More can be found here.

CUPP 2018 is now open for applications. Check with your university or contact Cyberport. Don’t miss it this year. See you. #BUHK #CITYU #CUHK #HKU #POLYU #UST

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