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Consumers International Summit

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Putting Consumers at the Heart ofDigitalInnovation was the main theme of 2019 Consumers International Summit. It was held in the beautiful city Estoril of Portugal. 416 guests from 87 countries were there. It was my honour to be invited byGilly Wong CE of HongKongConsumerCouncil as a speaker in the opening panel session of the summit.

I shared my view from Asia’s perspective. Asia has a strong drive to innovate based on technology to drive economic growth and solve lots of social issues and inefficiency. It also has the advantage to leap frog the infrastructure layer over many developed economies. However, consumer rights are only in the beginning and valuable experience learned in the West can be applicable to Asia’s digital economy. This summit provided a great platform for mutual learning and understanding.

AI got lots of attention in the summit. Google has come up with a series of AIEthics guidelines based on their human-centric AI principle. It is important to see how these AI Ethics will evolve and apply to real lives.

An artist was on the stage to do live infograph..impressive and great DNA from Portugal. Thanks to the artist..More importantly #ConsumersInternational InternetSociety HKConsumerCouncil

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