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Asian Financial Forum 2018

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FinTech: Collaborative or Disruptive TNG Alex Kong (江庆恩), BONDIT Donald Chan, Clare.AI Bianca Ho and Seasonalife Fred Ngan were in my panel in AFF2018 today with over 800 business and technology leaders as audiences. They are innovative FinTech start-ups in payment, wealthtech, chatbot and insurtech areas respectively. We are so proud that they are all from our Cyberport incubation programme. Their sharings were very insightful on how FinTech start-ups can overcome challenges and collaborate with financial services institutes to create exceptionally great customer experience. Thank you. Our Chairman Dr George Lam and Vista Equity Partners CEO Mr Robert Smith did a very insightful fireside chat on global FinTech trend. Robert is very supportive to Hong Kong as the leading FinTech hub in Asia and confident of Cyberport. He has put their famous company, Finastra, the third largest FinTech company in the world, in Cyberport.

Thank you to all of them for their contributions to AFF2018 and Cyberport.

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