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2018 B4B Challenge

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#BigData #AI #B4BChallenge #Cyberport Congratulations to all winners and participants of 2018 B4B Challenge. Happy to see great innovations using big data analytics. Thank you to all participating start-ups, enterprises, universities and technology and big data partners.

Smart City Stream: #Farseer Stanley King Lun

Supply Chain Management: #SagaDigits Arthur Chan Healthcare Stream: #SucabotMedTech Dr Wang Defeng

Big Data becomes a must-have soil, oil and raw materials for all walks of businesses and lives these days. Enterprises and start-ups need to have a solid utilization of big data to become successful and sustainable. In the next level, how to turn big data into assets and monetize them are key transformation for enterprises and start-ups. B4B Challenge is a great programme to cultivate young and emerging start-ups to become big data centric businesses. This year again has great big data applications on supply chain, smart city and more. Find out more

Cyberport is pleased to be the coorganiser of B4B Challenge. Cyberport has a global ecosystem for big data industry. B4B Challenge is a great example. Join our Cyberport community and let’s ride on the big data journey.

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