MIT Innovation Node


We all had a fruitful day at MIT Innovation Node today in Hong Kong to be the jury panel of the IFTA FinTech Achievement Awards. Top financial services incumbents, startups, virtual banks, entrepreneurs and rising stars were all here. Indeed, great to see many familiar and new faces.

We were impressed by innovative business models, advanced technologies and most importantly the participants’ passion, and their economic and social contribution.

Thanks for the leadership from 龐寶林 IFTA and Charleston Sin MIT Innovation Node to make it happen to encourage and nurture FinTech innovation in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned to find out the stars of the stars in the FinTech world. The 2nd year IFTA Annual FinTech Award presentation ceremony will be on Aug 18, 2020. For more, please visit www.cftasia.org

Finspire Hackathon, a fully-online Hackathon, made history for Hong Kong FinTech ecosystem today. It was probably the largest online FinTech hackathon in Hong Kong. “Finspire Hackathon.  We HackForTheFuture”. Hundreds of students and entrepreneurs have actively participated in the Hackathon. Glad to see quite a few CUPP alumni there as well.  3 winners were born today with great FinTech inspirations as what the name of the program is Finspire. Congratulations to the winners and all the participating teams.

This hackathon was held under the cloud of the Coronavirus situation in Hong Kong.  It was encouraging to see that our entrepreneurial spirit did not burn out and continues to shine.  Thank you so much for the organizing team, especially Bobo Wong Tony Chan from Convoy, Harris Chan from Cobo Academy and Thomas Huang from Happyer, for such a great effort and heart to keep our FinTech Ecosystem going.

I am grateful to join Charles Lam, Charleston Sin, Almond Wong, Joseph Chan, Henry Li, Patrick Ho, and Venus Chiu as the judging panel.  Appreciate Convoy Cyberport Microsoft MIT Innovation Node, Happyer, and Cobo Academy for their leadership.