Industrialists, Bankers, Retailers & Entrepreneurs joined hands to share how to deal with and bounce back from the Coronavirus / Covid19. I joined 2 online forums as panel speakers today with the same theme i.e. how to bound back from the downturn due to the Pandemic. The 1st one focused on retailers while the 2nd one was on industrialists, startups & entrepreneurs.

I had a fruitful discussion with Chow Tai Fook’s Kent Wong & Quentin Wong and HKMA’s Dr. Victor Lee on the impact of AI, Platform, Gamification and more on the retail industry.  I also learned a lot from YaTa’s Susanna Wong, Fortress’ Clarice Au, and HKRMA’s Mary Suen.  Susanna made a great point. She said, “2 things that we must invest”.  1st is engagement with colleagues & 2nd is technology.  These investments were well justified & paid off as it helped them overcome this challenging period. The 3 leaders also shared about the unprecedented challenges on Logistics, Agility, Staff Skills, Customer Expectation & how to deal with them.  Excellent sharing.

I also had an insightful exchange with FHKI’s Dr. Daniel Yip, Startup Council’s Jason Chiu & Bryant Chan, and HSBC’s Daniel Chan on opportunities & challenges for startups & opportunities in HK, GBA, SEA & Reindustrialization. Stay tuned for the upcoming DemoFest.

Retail is being hit seriously by the Coronavirus outbreak.  CEOs and senior management of the leading retailers in Hong Kong, including Chow Tai Fook周大福, Fortress 豐澤, Yata 一田, and RetailTech and AI experts, will come together to discuss and share our experience on how retailers in Hong Kong and in fact worldwide to deal with these challenges under the pandemic from business and digital perspectives.

It will be an online forum on May 6 (Wed) from 2pm to 4pm. Thanks HKMA, HKRMA, DMC and ARMA for co-organizing this forum.  I am grateful to be one of the guest speakers.  Will learn more from the other industry and digital veterans.

For more information, please click these links.  See you there.

eDM: https://lnkd.in/gqZtsx3

Website: https://lnkd.in/g6VktWW