I had a joyful and meaningful evening with my City University of Hong Kong (CityU) Doctor of Business Adminstration (DBA) alumni and learning partners from cohort 2006 to 2021. I shared my experience to prepare, write and publish a business case on a global basis.

I am so grateful that I have successfully published my case for #HSBC in the world’s largest business case publisher – Ivey Publishing. The case is now globally accessible by all major business schools worldwide through #Ivey Publishing and #Harvard Business Publishing networks.

The topic of my case is – HSBC: Embracing Open Innovation for SMEs. Please find out more here https://lnkd.in/eYUHfTFp. Thank you so much for HSBC teams, my mentor Professor Hubert Pun and many others to fully support this case and make this dream of mine realized.

My drive to share my experience with my fellow DBA friends was that I would like to encourage them to write more cases so that our valuable experience from Hong Kong can be shared with our new generations as well as all executives worldwide.

We do not have enough local cases for our next generation to learn from. Also, not too many leaders in other countries know our Hong Kong best practices and stories. If every DBA, not just DBA from CityU but also PolyU, HKUST, etc. writes a case, we will have hundreds of cases known to the world in a few years. Let’s action, learning partners.

Appreciate all my learning partners joined my sharing session on site and online tonight. We should do more and I will be the audiences of yours next. Thanks Queenie from CityU and Candi from my team to make all arrangements.

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Muammer Ozer Michael C S Wong, PhD DAVID Chung Tai-Wai Fareeda Cassumbhoy Hedy Sat Dr. TANG Monica CK Chan, DBA Dr. Lawrence WONG Venus Tang (鄧麗華) Lynne Sprugel Kuan Thye Sean Dr. Matt Chau Ean Kiam Ng, CFA, CAIA, CFP, FRM, FCCA,CMT, FDP Dr. Rajeev Chib Joyce Lau Leo Yeung Dr. Louis Poon 潘樂鳴博士 (DBA, Chartered Marketer, FinTech) Julia WANG Anna Chan Titania Kwan Dr. Lana Lo Mike Tsui Alvin Leung Dr. Kelvin Wan Gladys Lam and many others.

Welcome to our two new cohorts of 2021 and 2020 #CityU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) learning partners. We had a welcome dinner last night for all of them. It brought back a lot of memories for my #DBA journey. I started this journey back in 2008 and gratefully received my DBA degree a few years later. Time flies.

Thanks for Professor Muammer Ozer and Professor Sidney Leung to organize this and cultivating over hundreds of #CITYUDBA graduates and learning partners. With this empowerment and blessings, we are contributing to our industries, societies and research of interests. Thank you. Appreciate Professor Ozer, supervisors, DBA supporting teammates and many unsung heroes in our families and networks to make our dreams come true. Also congrats to #DBAC Chairman Dr. Rajeev ChibDr. Wilson Yeh and Linda Biek, AICPA, CGMA on receiving the DBA Awards. Proud of you all.

We all had an enjoyable gathering last night. Great to see learning partners from all cohorts from 2006 to 2021 there including 大師兄 Gary Cheng and Dr. Louis Poon 潘樂鳴博士 (DBA, Chartered Marketer, FinTech) from our 1st cohort 2006 and many others like Dr. Kelvin Wan, Dr. Hedy Sat, Dr. CK Chan, DBA, Dr. Leo YeungDr. Joel Ma, Dr. Lee BarryJoyce LauQingzhong (David) ZhangEnders LamAlbert KooJerry YuFareeda CassumbhoyShariq Shah and many others there.

For our new learning partners, it is going to be a relatively long journey with quite a few ups and downs. However, it is going to be rewarding, fruitful and impactful. You can see the photos that I shared here. It will be a happy ending for sure with lots of joys, knowledge, wisdom and friends made then. So, keep it going, hang in there, and you will make it just like what we had gone through and eventually achieve our goal.

Add oil DAVID Chung Tai-Wai (2021), and your LPs and Alvin Leung (2020) and your LPs. We will be there for you in your DBA journey.

If you haven’t started the journey of DBA, will you do it in some point of your career? More about CityU DBA here https://lnkd.in/gX4ej_Yw.

Venture Beyond Boundaries – I love this vision of #CityU #HongKongTech300. The program has gained tremendous support from the power houses and leaders from the #Innovation and #Technogy ecosystem in Hong Kong. It was a great ceremony yesterday to present the seeding funds to selected #startups for the program, appreciate and recognize experienced mentors and annouce the collaboratiom with the China Resources Group #CRC.

#ITB Secetary, #HKSTP Chairman, #Cyberport Chairman, #FHKI Chairman, #StartupCouncil Chairman and many other leaders in town were there to show their support.

I am grateful, as a CityU #DBA Alumni, as well as a Exco of FHKI Startup Council, to be a part of this program as a mentor and vetting team. It was my honor to receive the appreciation plaque from Mr Lester Garson Huang, Chairman of the CityU Council, and President Way Kuo of CityU.

Find out more about the program.

Thank you for my Alma Mater and all the leaders and supporting colleagues in CityU to create such a great energetic and impactful program to support local #entrepreneurs. I look forward to cultivating our next generation of tech entrepreneurs with you all.

#HKTech300 Sunny Lee Matthew K O Lee Ron Kwok Gary Cheng Jason Chiu Muammer Ozer

What a way to wrap up my year of 2020! I have received my College of Business Distinguished Alumni Award 2019 (香港城市大學商學院傑出校友獎) from two great mentors of mine in the City University of Hong Kong #CityU yesterday FINALLY.

I have waited to receive this award for over a year but could not get it due to the social unrest and Covid-19. Finally, I got it yesterday in person.

Thank you Professor Frank Chen, Dean, College of Business, and Muammer Ozer, Director, Doctor of Business Administration #DBA at City University of Hong Kong for presenting this award to me. My true honour.

I would also like to thank my family, teachers, mentors, friends, clients, partners, colleagues, entrepreneurs, investors, students and many more who have contributed to my learning and career journey. I am so grateful to knowing you in my life. Thank you.

Let’s have a great and healthy year in 2021. Mentally positive but physically negative for Covid-19 tests. Cheers.

It is my honour to receive the Outstanding CityU DBA Alumni Award 2018 from Prof Ozer, CityU DBA Director, and Dr. George Lam,Cyberport Chairman. I would like to thank Prof Ozer, Prof Vogel and Prof Kumar, many professors there to nurture me and support me to complete my doctoral thesis on big data in my Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) journey.

Thanks for Dr Geroge Lam, Tenny L. Michael Leung Dr. Wilson Cheung as my guests of honour to witeness my award presentation. I would like to thank my family to raise me up with solid education in school and at home.

During my career, I was so fortune to work for great companies Cyberport HSBC IBM hashtagOracle Informix JOS Kingdee and met with great people. I learned a lot from them. It is only a few of them here. Daniel Lai Susanna Chiu Susanna Shen Sunny L. Stephen Lau Louis Ma Thomas Wan Kevin SM Yeung Allen Yeung David Chung Andrew Chan, Prof Jacky So of University of Macau, Mr. Robert Xu from Kingdee, Mrs. Chan Siu Hing from HSBC, and many others. Thank you so much to all of you.

I will continue to improve and do my best to contribute to innovation and technology industry especially in AI BigData FinTech and the society, economy and next generation in Asia. Cheers.