What a rewarding 4 days together with my #CUHK #EMBA students! I took them through a very timely and critical intensive training on #innovation #strategy & #management. Our students are all senior executives from mainland #China including traditional companies and tech giants.

I have invited 4 guest speakers to share their corporate innovation experience with us. Thanks Eric Hui #ZurichInsuranceCharles Lam #FubonAkina Ho #GreatEagle and Damien Ko #G2000. Their sharings were insightful & practical. We all learned a lot from them. Thank you.

I used a few inspirational cases as the core for my class, such as, #Disney#Netflix#Marriott#Airbnb#Adobe#PingAn#Haier#Philips#Samsung#Booking.com, #3M#Amazon#Alibaba#Advantech#Walesgreen, etc.

Though we had to use Zoom for the training, the class participation from our students on our case discussion was no less than a #f2f class. Really impressed by the quality of my students’ questions, analysis, debates & suggestions. Thank you.

My students had a nice dinner in Shenzhen with lots of joy after the 4 days class. They were well deserved it. Hope to join them next time when there is no quarantine needed.

Happy Father’s Day for everyone!

#CUHKEMBA #Intrapreneurship #CorporateInnovation #Ecosystem

“We are not creating a breakthrough technology. We are creating an unforgettable customer experience”. This is what I learned from Jess Mak from HTC. In most of our innovation and technology discussions, we focus pretty much on technological advancement, business models, investments, markets, etc. We seldom talk about the Human Side of technology. It is not just important to our customers and but also to our colleagues. Though we talk a lot on pain points of our customers, engagement with our colleagues, how many of us are doing it well? Jess Mak from HTC brought us her experience on how human centricity 以人為本 can make a difference in Leadership, Marketing, Customer Services, Product Design, Research, Staff Management, etc. To many of us, HTC is a mobile phone maker. In fact, their mission is “We are not creating a breakthrough technology. We are creating an unforgettable customer experience”. Listen to the episode of CUHK EMBA 管理新思維 on RTHK1 FM926 broadcasted on Jul 28, 2019. Professor Andrew Chan, RTHK Fiona and I had a fruitful, interesting and joyful discussion with Jess. I also learned a lot from her. Big thank you to Jess. https://lnkd.in/e9k3nwF

On December 20, 2015, HKU Space will hold its first Open Day in Chengdu, Sichuan. It will also launch the latest management concepts and use the construction of thinking to deal with the challenges and changes of “Internet+” in the fast times. In the meanwhile, Dr. Toa Charm is going to share his valuable opinions on “When Strategy Meets Internet+”


但企业的境遇却大不相同, 有的搭上了互联网产业的大船, 抓住机会转型, 有的却夜夜做着被新生对手颠覆的噩梦。

作为一个经营者, 在开始怀疑互联网时代品牌还能有多少忠诚度的今天, 互联网思维是拯救传统产业的利器吗?互联网化或是利用社会化营销能为商业战争带来多少胜算?


Joint Universities Computer Association (JUCA) invites Dr. Toa Charm to share his experience on the topic “Take a glimpse at Hong Kong’s IT industry with an international perspective” in the University IT Exploration Conference in Hong Kong on Oct 4, 2015.

University IT Exploration Conference 2015 (UnitEx Con) is a joint-university conference featuring case sharing sessions, workshops, booths under the following categories: IT IndustryCareerWomen in TechCloud ComputingGamingeCommerceUX designData Science and Developer. It aims to provide students an international perspective and a better understanding of IT industry. The conference is your chance to get your foot in the door of the IT industry because you can meet professionals and practitioners across the industry. It is a great opportunity for students to be at the forefront of IT trends FREE OF CHARGE.

Tsinghua University and the Australia National University invite Dr. Toa Charm to deliver one of the major modules “International Management” in their Master of  Management program  in Beijing from  Sep. 7, 2015 to Sep. 10, 2015.