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IoTConference 2019

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GS1HK IoTConference 2019 attracted 600+ guests to participate it. Top government officials from ITB OGCIO, LEGCO Charles Mok Cyberport Peter Yan STP Albert Wong & GS1HK Anna Lin Andy Bien officiated the opening ceremony. Huawei Cisco Alibaba have shared about SmartCity & 5G.

As the Chairman of OpenCertHub, it was my honour to talk about the theme “The Engine of AI Economy: Certified Professionals for Apache Projects CPFA“. My key takeaway for audiences was DQ (DataQuotient). Why?

In the last decade, IQ & hashtagEQ are necessities for people to perform well in their career. In the next decade, DQ will be another critical competence for everyone. We need to be CitizenDataScientist. OpenCertHub aims to strengthen the DQ of business & technical leaders & professionals in order to stay ahead of their competitions.

OpenCertHub provides an intelligent & robust examination platform for professionals & leaders to authenticate their AI/Big Data & open sources competence thru acquiring the globally recognized Certified Professionals for Apache Projects (CPFA) qualification. For more, download my presentation here.

Thanks HK GS1 for organizing the conference. We are very pleased to collaborate closely with GS1.

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