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Lessons learned from 8 Unicorns from Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Unicorns from Hong Kong Klook Sensetime TNG Welab and Unicorns from Shenzhen 柔宇 優必選 百迈 微物联 were sharing their Road to Unicorn “成獸之路” last week in Cyberport Hong Kong. Thanks for HKITJC 深港科技社团联盟 to organize it. Some key takeaways from these top start-ups: 1. Have a great vision and build that from inside to outside 2. Attract talents and be able to keep them 3. Able to overcome major challenges like running out of cash but hang on to continue (many of them faced this in their journey) 4. B2B is important as it’s not just for win-win for business but co-creating a much better customer experience to customers 5. Young talents may not be ready to be an entrepreneur but they may like to join a promising start-ups. Inspire them.and have them to join you. More… Thanks to Alex Kong (江庆恩) Tat Lee David Liu Sensetime 尚海龍

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