(Hong Kong) Many thanks for all your support to my book 數碼力大提升

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My heartfelt thank to all of my friends across various industries for your trust and support to my book #數碼力大提升 and my #career journey since 30 years ago。My #dream of publishing a book of mine couldn’t be realized without your encouragement. And I did it in 2020 even it has been a challenging year.

The photos show lots of joy and #friendship there. That’s what I have appreciated the most from you. Those moments with you will be remembered forever in my #life. Thank you!

It only shows a portion of my chats with many of you. Can you find your photo with me there? Will take photos with many of you whom we couldn’t meet face to face due to the pandemic.

Wish you and your beloved ones have a pleasant #Christmas. Keep #SAFE and stay #POSITIVE. With all of our mutual support, #WeShallOvercome today’s challenge in #Year2020 and have a great year in #Year2021. Take care and #MerryChristmas.

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