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(Hong Kong) Elite Start-ups Series – ESG Matters 益思智綠色金融科技集團

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An elite start-up should focus on a scalable market with industry and social impact as well as run by passionate & creative young #enterpreneurs益思智綠色金融科技集團 #ESGMatters is one of the growing start-ups from #Cyberport heading to this direction.

#ESG becomes not only a nice-to-have thing for corporates especially listed companies, but also a mandatory requirement by stock exchanges & regulators worldwide. It enhances the investability of companies if they are ESG compliant. For commercial, sustainability & environmental perspectives, ESG makes a lot of senses.

ESG Matters was founded by a veteran Glenn Frommer with decades of experience in #Sustainability. It is now run by a team of passionate, smart & young talents with a heart on environmental and social impact.

I am very pleased to see what they have been doing & am very honored to be one of their industry & tech advisors. Yesterday, we had a very fruitful session at Cyberport & exchanged some new ideas on ESG, #FutureFit, business opportunities & technological design of their innovations.

I love their cartoons & characters on the white board. Can you recognize who’s who compared to the real photos? That’s a lively & creative culture of a startup.

Dicky GTR May Lit Lavin Yeung Philbert T. Carmen Ng Connie Ngai

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