Chat with Good Friend Herbert Chia 車品覺

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Grateful to have a chat with good friend Herbert Chia #車品覺 in my office. We are both enthusiastic and have like minds on data. Both of us have been in the data industry for many years and have been collaborating with lots of synergy.

We discussed plans for 2023 on how we can collaborate even closer to energize Hong Kong on data transformation from talents, data science to data literacy, data culture and data governance.

Herbert has formed the Hong Kong Data Club to empower more data experts and geeks while I founded Data Literacy Association to empower more business and operation leaders, professionals and executives to speak the language of data. We are perfectly synergetic and complementary to each other with a common goal to grow the data economy in Hong Kong.

Herbert has finished another great book called Data-driven Transformation with Allen Yeung. Thanks for giving me a copy with Herbert’s autograph. Both Andy Kwok and I learned a lot from Herbert’s previous books on data. This new one is in English. Lots of great and new inspiration there.

It was a very fruitful discussion. Stay tuned for our joint collaboration on empowering Hong Kong to be a data leader in 2023 and beyond.

In the meantime, we wish you a healthy, happy and successful Year of the Rabbit. Cheers.

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