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ABC = #AI #BigData #CollectiveIntelligence

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ABC = #AI #BigData #CollectiveIntelligence Thanks for #VPON, one of the leading big data companies in Asia, to invite me to participate in a panel discussion on the topic “Keeping up with Dynamic Big Development in Hong Kong and Asia”. Two leading big data start-ups from Hong Kong #WeLab Emily Chow

#Alikeaudience Bosco Lam together with #VPON Arthur Chan and the moderator #comscore Victor Cheng joined the panel. We shared among the challenges and success factors in HK to adopt and utilize big data in all businesses.

I am really glad to see many young professionals and start-ups like #LiMEHK to join the event. Hong Kong does have good talents in big data. #WeLab has already been a Unicorn while #iClick has listed in NASDAQ. Founders of these 2 companies are from Hong Kong and big data are their key secret sauce.

Big data is really amazing and disruptive. VPON Yoshitaka Shinohara showcased their analysis on tourists to Japan. HK people go every corner of Japan while mainland Chinese focus on just a few cities. VPON Arthur Chan shared their experience on programmatic spending and RTB and how they helped their customers to manage and leverage on these disruptive models and technologies. Love to connect with like minds on big data and AI. Cheers.

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